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Once in awhile a gifted individual touches your life and you are so grateful for your contact with that person. Valedear is one of those special people in my life. We recently reconnected after a 10 year hiatus and I have been thrilled with the effectiveness of his work. Valedear is professional, knowledgeable and, most importantly, passionate about his therapy. He continues to advance his skill base in order to maintain the highest level of competence in his field of MFR and massage therapy.

As my chiropractor said to me after speaking with Valedear regarding a client, he is “the real deal”. Go see him. You will not be disappointed!


“I am a full time elite cyclist and have been racing internationally for nine years. I have seen many massage therapists throughout my career but first experienced Myofascial Release with Valedear about a year ago.

As an athlete, recovery from injury as well as from day-to-day training is critical for competing on a rigorous schedule for nine months out of the year. Valedear’s dexterous balance of MFR, deep tissue, and relaxation massage techniques have drastically improved my performance, recovery, and knowledge of my body.

I have already avoided possible surgeries by working with Valedear and he has taught me many self-therapy techniques that I use to stay injury-free when travelling throughout my season. I was diagnosed with asthma earlier in life and have no longer needed an inhaler for my breathing after the diaphragm work we have done together. I also had knee, Achilles and back injuries from cycling which Valedear helped me cure through MFR. He has since guided me through exercises to strengthen surrounding areas to avoid such overuse injuries in the future.

Being a client of Valedear has shown me that most medicine can be naturally replaced through his physical therapy that takes a logical approach to improving health and fitness.”


“Valedear has helped me deal with several problem areas, and his therapies have always been very focused and effective. I would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking relief from pain resulting from injury, surgery or fatigue.

As a practitioner of myofascial release, Valedear goes well beyond the standard massage therapist, and as a good human being, he listens intently – he is good for the mind and the body, and has assisted me in dealing with episodic back pain and some of the underlying emotional issues that caused tension which contributed to the pain.

In July, 2007, after surgery on my torso, Valedear’s skilled hands and technique helped to break down scar tissue and restore full range of motion to my upper body. Later that year, I broke my ankle ice skating, and considered having surgery at the recommendation of an orthopedic surgeon, but opted instead to cast it, even though the surgeon was skeptical that I would regain full range of motion.

On November 23, my cast was removed. Three days later, I approached my first post-break session with Valedear cautiously, since I had no range of motion, and was still walking with crutches and wearing an air boot. I left the first session having taken a few steps without the air boot on, and using only one crutch.

Over the course of the next five days and a few more sessions with Valedear, I was able to gain back enough flexion to walk slowly on my own, with no air boot and just a cane. I didn’t need the cane a week later. Within six months, I had gained back 100% of my range of motion. My orthopod thought that the results in my case to were excellent and unusual, given the nature of my injury.

I’m a resident of South Florida, but frequently visit the Abington area, and continue to see Valedear for tune-ups or flare-ups. I have been a client of his for nearly three years, and I believe that he has an intuitive sixth sense of what your body needs, and also possesses the skills – as a highly trained practitioner of myofascial release – to implement the correct and effective hands-on therapy.”


“Valedear is an extremely professional therapist. He always asks if there is anything new with me, how has my situation changed, are there any trouble areas. It is amazing how much things change from visit to visit. I have had massages all over the world and he is the most thorough and the best therapist i have ever used. I trust him completely.”


“After six weeks of healing from a broken arm, my range of motion was very limited, and the orthopedic doctor told me that I may never regain full range of motion on that side. So I went to Valedear to start my rehab.

I specifically remember one session where, in a long hold, my arm started shaking and a rush of emotion came up in my chest. Valedear encouraged me to stay with it and I allowed the pent up fear to release, and at the end of the session there was a 20% greater range of motion than when I had come in! Through MFR and Gyrotonics, my range of motion is now completely back to normal.”